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Discover the array of career opportunities

Roles in the hotel, restaurant and tourism sectors

Restaurants, hotel groups and other tourism facilities make up one of France’s most dynamic industries. Hospitality management offers a wide range of opportunities – some of which you may have overlooked. Digital communications, oenology, ecotourism, events, luxury brand marketing – the sheer variety of positions in the hospitality industry may well surprise you.

Comment devenir chef de projet événementiel ?
How to become an Event Project Manager
The success of an event depends largely on the Events Manager. The Vatel school shares the secrets of this attractive job.
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Découvrez le métier de directeur d’écolodge
Discover the job of Ecolodge Director
Offering responsible tourism is the end goal of an Ecolodge Director. Are you interested in this high-potential career option? The Vatel school answers your questions.
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Devenir entrepreneur en hôtellerie-tourisme
Become a Hospitality Entrepreneur
If you want to be an entrepreneur in the hotel sector, the Vatel school offers advice on setting up your own hospitality business.
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Découvrez le métier de manager spécialisé dans le luxe
Discover the job of Luxury Brand Manager
Offering high-quality services is the priority for a Luxury Brand Manager. Which skills and/or training are needed to work in this exciting role?
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Tout savoir sur le métier de Revenue manager
Find out all about the job of Revenue Manager 
The purpose of Revenue Management is to increase business profitability. Vatel details the various aspects of this job, which has a bright future.
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Tout savoir sur le métier de sales manager ou manager des ventes
Find out all about the job of Sales Manager
Driving revenue growth is a Sales Manager’s objective. The Vatel school tells you all about this exciting job, which has a promising future.
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The hospitality industry at a glance

The hotel, restaurant and tourism sectors continues to offer attractive career prospects. Consider these persuasive figures:

The hospitality industry is a highly appealing proposition, with a host of roles across hotels and restaurants and a constantly evolving landscape. Naturally enough, the trend is for ethical and eco-friendly concepts. 

Digital transformation has also developed restaurateurs’ imagination – take the emergence of dark kitchens, for instance. Today in France, there are more than 1,500 of these virtual restaurants where chefs prepare dishes ordered online. This market is worth in excess of €3.3 billion

 While the luxury sector generates €920 billion, luxury hotels and high-end tourism account for 64% of this market.4 Even student residences are offering a more complete and innovative array of services. Business hotels are becoming more functional and welcoming, and youth hostels are also undergoing a transformation into full-fledged living spaces. These upheavals are giving free rein to creative flair and inventive new offerings. The dynamic nature of the sector partly explains the high employment rate of Vatel graduates.

What profiles are sought after?

Hotel management roles seem to offer particularly good prospects, but they demand highly specific skills:

  • sales and marketing strategy
  • human and financial resource management
  • analytical and decision-making methods
  • managerial techniques
  • product and service retailing
  • knowledge of culinary arts and oenology

Vatel offers high-quality training courses in the field of Hotel Management. You can enroll at a Vatel hospitality business school after your high-school diploma to do a Bachelor’s in Hospitality, then continue with an MBA.

The Vatel Group has five campuses in France – in Paris, Lyon, Nîmes, Bordeaux and Nantes – and more than 50 worldwide.

What career options are there in the hospitality sector?

After graduating from a renowned hospitality business school, you have extensive prospects. In France, in Europe or worldwide, rigor and refinement are sought after and rewarded. Whether in a Horeca (hotel, restaurant, café) business, a five-star hotel, a travel agency or elsewhere, here are some examples of hospitality jobs to consider:

  • brand manager
  • maître d’hôtel
  • sales manager
  • Ecolodge Director
  • Luxury Brand Manager
  • Events Manager
  • Wines & Spirits Merchant…

Check out our job factsheets for more details on the career opportunities this market has to offer. Whether you are considering tourism or hotel group management, there is a multitude of permanent positions out there.

Why choose Vatel?

Enroll at Vatel and you choose the best hospitality management school. You will study for a degree certified in the RNCP (France’s National Directory of Professional Certifications), which is recognized by the industry, and benefit from more than 40 years of experience.

The near-100% employment rate of Vatel graduates is due chiefly to:

  • the experience that students acquire throughout their degree (internship, role playing, exchange program, etc.);  
  • the alternation of theory weeks in the classroom and hands-on professional practice;
  • innovative teaching methods applied by teachers who act as coaches;
  • a large, high-quality network that cares about students’ success.

The profiles of Vatel graduates, combining strategic and operational skills, are highly rated by recruiters. And with the solid skillset acquired at Vatel, you can also help shape tomorrow’s hospitality industry by creating your own business or becoming a Hotel Director. Got a question? Need more details? These Vatel alumni testimonials will probably help.

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