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Discover the job of Luxury Brand Manager

Prestige hotels, haute couture and premier jewelry all demand standards on a par with their reputation. The Luxury Brand Manager is an ambassador who stands apart by their ability to satisfy a high-end clientele. They make every effort to deliver services that are beyond criticism.

Comment devenir chef de projet événementiel ?

What are the main duties of a Luxury Brand Manager?

The luxury sector comprises two categories: material luxury and experiential luxury. Tourism, hotels and restaurants make up 64% of the latter market,1 which has a promising future for roles as executives in leading houses or as directors of luxury hotels.
These excellence-driven professionals have a range of duties:

Maintain brand awareness:

the Luxury Brand Manager applies a sales policy aligned with the company’s brand image. They prepare a strategy of hiring uncommon talent to offer suitable products and services. They thus help to attract new clients.

Build client loyalty:

in hotel management, a luxury-hotel director ensures that clients are satisfied. This is a key factor in maintaining or growing sales. They also strive to cultivate a special bond with their best clients. They imagine uniquely thoughtful gestures to produce an exceptional consumer experience.

Highlight the history of the brand or other differentiators:

like any brand manager, the Luxury Brand Manager has complete knowledge of their brand’s history. They can describe it and convey its values, to drive client buy-in.

Help design the communications plan and propose improvements:

a Luxury Brand Manager is constantly proposing improvements. Their sales policy, which is aligned with the brand’s marketing plan, must be reinvented to stay attuned to the market as it evolves.

: Did you know?
The luxury sector is thriving. According to Les Échos, sales of high-end products could reach €283 billion in 2021.

What skills are required to run a luxury establishment?

Managing a top brand or a luxury hotel demands specific skills:

Luxury management demands analysis of needs and the target profile. The manager then devises an appropriate sales strategy based on the resulting research data.

In the hotel sector, occupancy rates must be optimized using yield management. This technique is based on flexible pricing, driven by the number of rooms available.

The director of a luxury establishment never commits missteps with their affluent clientele. They conform to their guests’ cultural codes, the better to satisfy their requirements.

Luxury-sector clients are international, so being proficient in business English – and, if possible, Chinese or Russian – is definitely an asset.

A director’s role involves managing teams. The director of a hotel must, for example, surround themselves with competent staff (head of department, head of reception, etc.), whom they supervise and motivate.

To excel in this position, certain personal qualities are essential:

  • rigor
  • a sense of aesthetics and service
  • adaptability
  • creativity
  • refinement

What training do you need to become a Luxury Brand Manager?

To achieve the expected high standard, the best option is to do a specialist course. Vatel’s Luxury Brand Management specialization is a pathway renowned for its international dimension. A course in Hotel Management isn’t just for those eyeing a career as an establishment director. Students on the MBA in Hospitality can also be hired by top fashion or jewelry houses. Leading brands value the business management and soft skills taught by Vatel.

How much does a Luxury Brand Manager earn?

A manager of a large store on a permanent contract earns between €3,100 and €4,100 per month. The director of a luxury hotel can expect a gross monthly salary of between €5,000 and €8,000.2 However, this varies according to bonuses and sales-based performance pay, and the country where they are located.

What career development options does a Luxury Brand Manager have?

If they perform well, a Luxury Brand Manager can quickly rise through the organization. Working in a luxury hotel at the start of your career can, for instance, lead to opportunities in other sectors.

The Vatel Hospitality Business School in Paris offers a specialization in Luxury Brand Management. Backed up by 40 years of experience, the Vatel Group delivers recognized high-level training courses in the field of hospitality management, preparing you to meet the highest requirements. .

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