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Find out all about the job of Revenue Manager 

Are you hesitating between tourism and marketing? Then you may be interested in combining them in the job of Revenue Manager – also called Yield Manager. This role involves optimizing the profitability of an establishment by applying pricing and marketing strategies geared to its activity and market.

Tout savoir sur le métier de Revenue manager 

What are the main duties of a Revenue Manager? 

Analyze the market constantly:

track the activity of the establishment (bookings, cancellations, occupancy rate) and gather competitive intelligence.

Draw up provisional schedules and budgets

On the basis of their analyses, the Yield Manager draws up provisional schedules and mid- and long-term budgets. They design a pricing policy and sales actions to optimize business.

Monitor the sales activity of the business:

the Revenue Manager is responsible for the tracking and analysis of the sales metrics of the business. Using dedicated IT tools, they periodically report to management on reservation levels, sales revenue, and available capacity.

Set and manage the rates applied by the establishment:

the Yield Manager must optimize sales targets and help increase sales. They adjust rates if necessary and draw up new price lists.

What types of establishment do they work in? 

Revenue Managers can work in a variety of sectors such as hotels, airlines and travel agencies. 

What qualities are required to become a Revenue Manager? 

A Revenue Manager must consider a multitude of parameters to set pricing policy and sales actions that will likely optimize profitability. 

As part of their role, the Revenue Manager interacts with many people. They must be able to present the results of their work and convince their interlocutors that their proposals are well-founded. 

A Revenue Manager does not work in isolation. They need other departments’ expertise to propose responses tailored to managing the hotel.

  • A Revenue Manager does not work in isolation. They need other departments’ expertise to propose responses tailored to managing the hotel.
  • Lastly, enthusiasm about new technology is preferable, as the role requires high IT proficiency.

What training do you need to become a Revenue Manager?

The Vatel MBA is an all-round course that delivers proficiency across all aspects of the role. The MBA specialization in Revenue Management offered by Vatel is taught by industry professionals who know the job inside-out. They possess an in-depth knowledge of the hotel market and of the main business and retail strategies.

How much does a Revenue Manager earn? 

A Revenue Manager’s gross annual salary ranges between €32,000 and €40,000. It rises throughout their career, up to €60,000 on average.

What career development options does a Revenue Manager have? 

After experience in the role, a Revenue Manager can aspire to a Director of Yield Management position, overseeing several people. They can also move up to a Commercial Director or Marketing Director post. Lastly, it is not unusual for the Deputy Director role, or even the Director role, to be offered to a former Revenue Manager with a detailed understanding of how the business works and the challenges it faces. 

The Vatel Hospitality Business School in Lyon offers a specialization in Revenue Management and will reveal all the secrets of this fascinating job. Vatel also offers several other MBA in Hospitality specializations recognized by industry professionals. For 40 years, the Vatel Group has been preparing students for the Bachelor’s and MBA degrees in Hospitality. The school has five campuses in France – in Paris, Lyon, Nîmes, Bordeaux and Nantes – and over 50 campuses worldwide.

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