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Vatel Planet 2018

In 1981 the first Vatel school opened in Paris. A promising first crop, as this campus was quickly followed by ones in Lyon (1984), Nimes (1989) and Bordeaux (1994). With French roots, where Vatel Group was born, these four schools saw their peers bloom abroad, as of the beginning of the 21st century.

Today, Vatel Group operates on four continents and cultivates the French art of hospitality, teaching it to students throughout the entire world. They all attend Vatel with the same dream: pursuing a career in the international hospitality industry. This passion is the lifeblood that nourishes all our fledgling students year after year, becoming exceptional and dynamic professionals in the hospitality industry. Talented, engaged, curious, open-minded, our Vatel students can count on everyone involved in their schooling: each one helps to fructify the Vatel spirit in them, developing the seeds of tomorrow’s managers and helping them to bloom where they are planted.

Just like a tree that adds additional rings to its trunk each year, Vatel Group has grown little by little, campus after campus, becoming the 1st Worldwide Hotel and Tourism Management Business School Group. A model of development which also includes our alumni network: one class after another, it grows to establish a living and priceless network, both for students as well as for Vateliens.

Present all over the world while never forgetting its roots, helping tomorrow’s talents to bloom while supporting an ever-changing industry, Vatel Group is cultivating, like an attentive gardener, hardy perennials with strong ramifications in hospitality traditions.

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