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Ecotourism Management

MBA specialization in Ecotourism Management

If you love authentic destinations and richly biodiverse natural landscapes, then move into ecotourism. Choosing this form of hotel development means working for a more responsible kind of tourism that is also more respectful of local people and the environment.

The MBA specialization in Ecotourism Management teaches you how to run an ecotourism establishment in line with sustainability rules. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the cultural heritage and ways of life of communities are the challenges facing tomorrow’s operations directors.

MBA specialization in Ecotourism Management

What is ecotourism?

Its purpose is to limit the environmental impact of tourism and minimize its carbon footprint, but that’s not all: it also aims to encourage the discovery of the surrounding flora and wildlife and play an active role in the economic and social development of local communities.

The first reality checks about the need for responsible tourism date from the 1970s. Since then, the concept of ecotourism has been enriched and formalized.

Offering a responsible trip means taking into consideration:

  • Respect for cultural occasions;
  • The funding needed to protect the environment;
  • The economic consequences for local communities;
  • Making travelers aware of social and environmental issues in the countries they visit;
  • Designing facilities that have a low impact on local wildlife, flora, habits, and customs.

In summary, experiences must be as positive for the host populations as they are for the visitors.

Qualities required to train in ecotourism

To train in Ecotourism Management, you must know the basics of Hospitality and Tourism Management. You must also have acquired certain technical skills to do with running a business: 

- Employee management
- Fluent business English
- Commercial and business law
- Basic communication and marketing techniques
- Accounting and sales management

These skills aside, ask yourself questions about your plans. For what reasons are you more interested in running a responsible business? Do you adhere to the core principles that this involves? Will you be up to the challenge of this MBA specialization? To help develop responsible tourism, it is advisable to possess the following attributes: 

- Believe in and be committed to environmental issues, which are the basis of a responsible attitude;
- A good listener and sharer, to foster a healthy climate between visitors and local people;
- Curious, to be constantly hungry to learn and gain experience;
- A good teacher – a real advantage for spreading important values;
- Open-minded and agile, to adapt to environmental, economic and social constraints.

To do the MBA specialization in Ecotourism Management, you must also want to discover the world and travel.

Ecotourism Management specialization program

This MBA specialization in ecotourism takes one year. Vatel students enrolled in the European MBA in Hotel & Tourism can do their fifth and final year’s training at Vatel Madagascar. The course is enriched by hands-on experience acquired from industry professionals.

The course includes the following modules:

  • Permaculture landscaping
  • Design and architecture
  • CSR and the ecotourism value chain

Vatel offers the best training programs in the fields of Hospitality and Tourism. You can enroll at a Vatel hospitality management school after gaining your high-school diploma, and study for a Bachelor of Hospitality Management.

Internship in the sustainable tourism sector

Spécialisation MBA : Management de l’Écotourisme

This specialization is followed by a six-month management internship, to consolidate the skills you have acquired. The term “sustainable tourism” does not relate directly to a specific business function, so you can do your internship in a wide range of activities:

  • Entrepreneurship: ecotourism accommodation, inclusive tourism travel agency, organic restaurant…
  • Consulting: helping organizations adopt a sustainable approach
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Customer relations
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Operational management…

Career options after an MBA specialization in Ecotourism Management

After your MBA specialization in Ecotourism Management, you can take up positions such as:

  • Manager of an (Eco) Tourism Accommodation Centre
  • Marketing Development Manager, (eco) tourism products

Another option is consulting: helping organizations who have taken no or few steps on the issue to move towards a more sustainable approach. If you want to join the stakeholders shaping a brighter future, read our brochure!

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