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Finance & Project Development

MBA Specialization in Finance & Project Development

Finance is the key to the success of any business. Financial analysis and accounting are the basis of any business project – and especially so in a sector as competitive as the hotel industry.
The MBA Specialization in Finance & Project Development is the best option if you want to develop a business or convince investors. It helps students remove the mystique around the budget techniques that will be essential for their future career in senior management.

Qualities required to train in finance

This specialization in finance and project development is intended for:

- future operations executives in the hotel industry;
- students wishing to move into business development;
- future banking and investment fund managers specializing in financing and advising companies in the hospitality and tourism sector.

This course delivers solid financial skills which will be useful in all business areas. However, there are a number of prerequisites, such as:

- a solid grounding in Business (degree or equivalent);
- fluent business English;
- a grounding in Commercial Law and Economics;
- basic communication and marketing techniques;
- administrative ability.

In addition, before committing to the world of finance and project management, consider what motivates you. Why are you choosing this path? Do you have the necessary attributes? Are you up to the challenge of this MBA specialization? To convince investors and analyze financial mechanisms, certain personal attributes are a real advantage:

- Commitment and perseverance, which are key qualities for project management;
- The ability to trust your teammates, thus fostering a dynamic climate and the emergence of collective intelligence;
- Rigor, which is a strength in a sector as tightly regulated as the financial markets;
- Being organized and able to organize your team.

The MBA specialization in Project Management aims to train professionals who can steer an entity’s overall strategy. Students must therefore accept a heavy workload and be attracted to innovation.

Finance & Project Development specialization program

This MBA specialization in Finance & Project Development is one year long. Vatel students enrolled on the European MBA in Hotel & Tourism can do their fifth year’s training at the in Vatel Switzerland.

You will be taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers with degrees from top graduate schools. The program is geared to finance and applied business, and based mainly on case studies. It also covers business advisory and project development. The course includes modules such as:

  • International  marketing concepts;
  • Tourism economics;
  • Business law;
  • Human resources;
  • International taxation;
  • Foreign languages (Mandarin or French; Spanish or German);
  • Business opportunities;
  • Project management;
  • Introduction to UK/US financial principles and statements;
  • Advanced financial analysis;
  • Revenue management;
  • Corporate communications.

The course takes a holistic approach based on international financial and accounting standards.

The teachers train the students on the basis of current realities. Financial Engineering experts are regularly invited to pass on the knowledge derived from their professional experience. Theory is systematically followed by practical work.

Vatel offers high-quality degree programs in the fields of hospitality and tourism. You can enroll at a Vatel hospitality management school after gaining your high-school diploma, and study for a Bachelor of Hospitality Management.

The course is taught entirely in English.

Internship in the finance and project development sector

To consolidate students’ skills, learning sequences at Vatel campuses systematically end with hands-on experience. After this specialization, students do a six-month management internship. Thanks to Vatel’s network, this end-of-degree experience takes place at a renowned institution in the Swiss tourism sector.

Interns can experiment with, among other topics, financial strategies and performance metrics used by international publicly listed companies. After this experience, they can quickly take up positions of responsibility.

Career options after an MBA specialization in Finance & Project Development

Following an MBA specialization in Finance & Project Development, you will be able to choose from a range of roles including:

  • Financial Director of a five-star hotel / palace;
  • General Manager of a leading hotel;
  • Project Manager for a company in any sector.

The skills acquired on this course are also sought after by audit and consulting firms that propose their services to large organizations. If you want to move into finance, ask for our brochure.

Alumni testimonials on the MBA Specialization in Finance & Project Development

Céline Udriot - MBA 2022

“Finance & Project Development” was the specialization that best fitted my career plan. During this course we gain an overview of how a business operates, and that opens lots of doors subsequently. We acquire a very diverse range of skills, primarily through the many projects we work on. On the MBA, I personally made huge progress in developing teamwork skills, acquiring human as well as professional qualities. In addition, I only have good things to say about the teaching – the staff are highly competent and always on hand to help. I’m currently doing a six-month internship in the operations/administration function of a start-up based at the EPFL Innovation Park.

Léo Balland - MBA 2021

This was a rewarding experience for me, both professionally and personally. The many projects we worked on helped grow our skills and our ability to work as a team. This specialization gave me greater peace of mind to tackle the various projects I was assigned when I started my first job – in terms of managing my daily tasks, my deliverables, and my interactions. I’m currently a junior auditor at PwC France, a position with rapid development prospects where every day I apply the skills I acquired during this specialization.

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