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Events Management

MBA specialization in Events Management

Selecting destinations, drawing up a budget, strategic planning, relations with contractors: the MBA specialization in Events Management covers all aspects of event project management.

Events are strategically important. They are a major activity in the hotel and tourism sector, encompassing the positions of Project Leader and Communication Specialist.

MBA specialization in Events Management

Qualities required to train in events

The Event Management specialization is taken in the second year of the European MBA in Hotel and Tourism.

This specialization course assumes that you have learnt analytical and decision-making methods. Besides having an open mind about the business world in general, the following technical skills are prerequisites for this pathway:

- Complying with a specification;
- Proficiency in supervising a team ;
- Managing client hospitality;
- Understanding business strategy;
- Understanding financial and human resources management;
- Speaking business English.

The roles related to event management also demand personal qualities such as:

- Creativity;
- Rigor;
- Organizational sense;
- High stress tolerance;
- Interpersonal skills;
- An agile mind.

The Events Management specialization is intended for students who are particularly motivated by communications and marketing; and able to display imagination, boldness and leadership.

Event Management specialization program

At the Vatel campus in Nîmes, the topics specific to hotel management (Business Management, Finance, Marketing, etc.) are addressed through the events prism. They are supplemented by a  training program geared to event management (fairs, galas, etc.), where students learn to:

  • Understand market trends and the latest developments following the health crisis;
  • Master implementing event “mechanics”, and working in project mode;
  • Acquire a grounding in media planning;
  • Design a communications strategy;    
  • Present a complete communications plan;
  • Draw up a budget and anticipate scheduling risks, delays and changes;
  • Learn to work in a team, and become aware of each colleague’s responsibility;
  • Understand how an events agency and an invitation to tender work;
  • Organize and run an event, and understand the central role of the project leader;
  • Understand the event’s strategic objectives;
  • Manage long-term relations with the media (journalists, TV/radio presenters, etc.);
  • Acquire the skills specific to sports events;
  • Achieve the communications objectives of businesses and brands.

In addition, students work to improve their spoken and written English, which is promoted by intercultural events with students. The final stage of studies validation is an end-of-degree internship.

Event Management specializationEvent Management specializationEvent Management specialization

Internship in the events sector

Commemorations, a musical show, a political rally, digital events, etc. are some of the assignments that Event Management students can carry out at Vatel Nîmes. This end-of-degree internship can be done in a wide range of entities:

  • Events agency;
  • Hotel and restaurant with an events department;
  • Luxury maisons that hold events (LVMH, Cartier, haute couture, etc.);
  • Corporate communications agency;
  • Institutions at local, departmental or regional level.

Combining the teachers’ teaching methods with this hands-on experience ensures the success of students at Vatel Nîmes. Vatel graduates will then be able to deliver services fully aligned with the events they supervise.

Career options after an MBA specialization in Event Management

After earning the MBA with Event Management specialization and a first job as an assistant, you will soon be able to take on positions of responsibility:

  • Event Project Leader;
  • Event Manager;
  • Event Manager, seminars & banqueting;
  • Sales Manager;
  • Convention Center Manager;
  • Wedding planner ;
  • Event Production Director ;
  • Events Business Developer;
  • Meeting Planner.

The events sector offers work in both France and internationally. After several years’ experience in a business or an institution, you will even be able to set up your own agency. Tempted by these jobs? Don’t hesitate to request our brochure.

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