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American Hospitality Management & International business

MBA specialization in American Hospitality Management & International Business

We all know about the worldwide reputation of French savoir-faire in hospitality. But American hospitality is also well known for the excellence of its services.

US management is driven by results and mastering all new technologies. With the MBA specialization in American Hospitality Management & International Business, learn to use creative and critical thinking in your decision-making.

Through this course, discover hospitality management strategies worthy of the world leaders in the sector.

MBA Specialization in American Hospitality Management & International Business

Qualities required to train in American hospitality management

Training in international hospitality management demands a basic knowledge of Hospitality and Business Management. Applicants must also be proficient enough in English to follow classes and interact during internships.

Technical skills aside, ask yourself if this pathway is right for you: Will you have the willpower to follow a program where personal work is key? Are you up to this course, which is accredited by the country’s most respected organization for the accreditation of education programs at business schools? (the ACBSP*) 

To make a success of this MBA specialization in American Hospitality Management & International Business, certain personal qualities give you a real advantage:

- Having a generally positive attitude and a hunger to learn, which are essential for developing a dynamic management approach
- Being a well-organized self-starter, to manage your time efficiently
- Being curious about new cultures
- Ambitious, a character trait shared by all those who embark on an international business career

The course includes numerous periods of hands-on experience. Students must adapt to a modern management style where contact with clients is encouraged.

American Hospitality Management & International Business specialization program

This specialization in international business takes one year. At Vatel USA, the MBA with specialization in Hospitality Management is offered in conjunction with our partner, Alliant International University.

Vatel students can do their fifth and final year’s training at Vatel San Diego. They can also join the MBA at the start of fourth year. The course is taught by experts or doctorate holders. Classroom participation is encouraged and necessary, in line with university teaching methods in the United States.

The syllabus includes modules such as:

  • Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • Strategic Management
  • New trends in Hospitality
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources and Administration
The program is divided into five eight-week terms, during which there are two four-hour classes a week. Between each weekly class, 15-20 hours of personal work is required; this may include reading, case studies, research, and group work.

Vatel offers the best training programs in the fields of hospitality and tourism. You can enroll at a Vatel hospitality management school after gaining your high-school diploma, and study for a Bachelor of Hospitality Management.

Internship in the American hospitality sector

To consolidate your skills, this specialization ends with a six-month management internship. Students will thus gain the hands-on training needed to access managerial positions in the country’s best hotels. In addition, interns are paid and assigned to partner establishments:

  • the Waldorf Astoria
  • the Peninsula Beverly Hills
  • and other four- and five-star hotels

After completing the academic program, students are granted a 12-month work permit, related to the F-1 visa. This allows them to work full time in the United States for a further year.

Career options after an MBA specialization in American Hospitality Management & International Business

After completing an MBA specialization in American Hospitality Management, you can take up managerial positions worldwide:

Then, after gaining two years’ experience, you should be ready for F&B Director positions in four- and five-star hotels or reputable restaurants. Some Vatelians join establishments as partners or set up their own business – in some cases before the end of the program. If you want to join the hospitality-industry elite, don’t delay and ask for your brochure!

* Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs

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